Unpaid endorsement: Fighting Chance (MySpace blog from 12.7.07)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Unpaid endorsement: Fighting Chance
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Once in a while, I’m going to use my blog to sing the praises of a product or service or whatever – something or someone that I’ve had a very very very positive experience with in my life.

FIGHTINGCHANCE.COM is an awesome site that WILL save you money when you’re buying a car. (If you don’t save money, you didn’t follow instructions.)

I’ve saved at least $2,000 on car purchases thanks to the site.

Fighting Chance is both an information resource and a smarter process for buying a car. They have tons of information on all kinds of new cars, and for only $40 or so (and $10 per additional set), you’ll get everything about the make and model, unadvertised deals, and most importantly, the actual dealer invoice price. (That’s what the dealer paid to the manufacturer for the car.)

The concept is that if you follow the process (briefly described below), you should never pay more than $500 over dealer invoice price – which is usually a whole lot less than the sticker price.

The process:
–First, don’t ever sit down with a salesman at the dealership. Maybe go to test drive, but other than that, do NOT discuss numbers or give them information.
–Order (and read) the information packet about the car(s) you are considering.
–Create a fax using the template they provide.
(It basically says who you are, the car you’re looking to buy, that you know how much it really costs, the range you’re willing to pay, etc.)
–Send out the fax to as many dealers as you want – or as far as you’d drive to buy a car.
–Make sure to send it out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, first thing in the morning, during the last week of the month. (Slowest times for dealers.)
–Wait for the phone calls to start.
–When a dealer calls, get their price and tell them you’ll call back.
–Take calls all day, then call them all back and ask if they can meet or beat the lowest price quote. If they can’t/won’t, then goodbye.
–Call the winning dealer and tell them when you’re coming in to buy.
–Before you sign on the dotted line, CALL FIGHTING CHANCE. They will tell you if you’re getting a good deal.

There are slightly different processes for buying or leasing – but they walk you through it.

If you want to avoid the typical car-buying process AND save money, then try this.

Or go to the dealership and sit there, waiting for the salesman to “talk to his manager” 54 times.

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