Belated birthday for my beautiful one

Tonight, we went to Go Fish in Addison to celebrate Shannon’s birthday (which already happened on 3/6).

What a fantastic dinner we had.  It’s one of those places with really professional waitstaff, where they know their stuff and really seem to care that you enjoy your meal.  (Shout-out to our man, J.D.)

The dinner:

–A bottle of wine (2006 Geyser Sauvignon Blanc, California)

–Complimentary spinach/artichoke dip on marble rye toast points

–Appetizer: Crab cake without breading–I think J.D. said it was held together with cream cheese

–Shannon’s entree: Horseradish & Dill Crusted Atlantic Salmon

–My entree: Chilean Sea Bass “a la Normande”

–Shannon’s dessert: Raspberry and mango sorbet

–My dessert: Flourless chocolate gateau

Their  Web site:

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