Daddy Diary: April 29, 2009

–Slept a little late – working from home today. Called to check in on the girls…

–Norah = Chris at the front desk complimented her name; doing fine, had a good night; weight at 4 lbs., 7 ounces; trying to wean off Fentanyl, but it’s slow going
–Alexandra = drank 20 out of 38 (ounces, ccs, milliliters?) of her 8AM bottle; had a really good night, gained a little weight up to 4 lbs., 5.1 oz.; no new orders

Did work all morning, then left for Remicade treatment just before 1PM. Got lost – 121 changed off-ramps due to construction. It’s always tough to type/work with one hand (the other with an IV), but I manage.

Norah = good day, but spitting up after each feeding.
Alexandra = a couple “spitties” also, but doing really well

Drove home, fought insanely bad traffic on Main Street/423. [DRIVING TIP: When going through The Colony or Little Elm, AVOID MAIN STREET/423 coming north from 121 AT ALL COSTS.]

Shannon made dinner (thanks babe, it was great!) and we headed to see the girls.

6PM NORAH VISIT: Spit up a little bit when she sneezed in mid-feeding (via nose tube); otherwise gorgeous. Shannon got to change her diaper.
8PM ALEXANDRA VISIT: I got to change her diaper – and it was poopy! Shannon then bottle-fed her, and she did OK, but then switched to tube feeding. I got to hold her for a while too. She smelled like popcorn – Shannon reminded me that that was the formula.

Drove home, and here we are. A couple more crazy busy days ahead – going into the office, NICU visits, still trying to unpack a box or two after the move.

[COMPLIMENT SIDEBAR: Big ups to every single healthcare professional working at both of our NICUs: Baylor Frisco and Texas Health Plano. The doctors, nurses and everybody else have been amazing, caring, patient and just plain wonderful. They are miracle workers.]

Seacrest out.

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